We've received some great attention for our upcoming Fringe Festival performance.  This year is the centenary of the battle of the Somme during WWI.

From Rebecca Rafferty of Rochester City Newspaper:

After presenting "Kindertotenlieder" (songs on the death of children) at last year's Fringe, TableTopOpera continues its theme of considering dark and difficult historic subject matter in the context of current events with "Scarred by the Somme." more

SCARRED BY THE SOMME commemorates the 100th anniversary of one of the bloodiest engagements in WWI. By accompanying images of events before, during, and after the battle with music written at the same time by Claude Debussy, TableTopOpera considers how the Somme scarred people and landscapes in 1916, and how current conflicts have similar effects today. 

I've posted a trailer for the show below: